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Ever since the launch of Disney+, a cultural phenomenon has taken over our hearts and memes, and that is Baby Yoda, aka The Child and also aka Grogu. Why does such a little guy have so many names? Because he’s worth it! This little munchkin is by far the most important character on Disney+’s Star Wars spin-off, The Mandalorian (don’t @ me), and he has become the most important creature on Twitter ever since he sauntered up to Mando with his Force powers and adorably goofy antics. He has brought us all together with his adorable wrinkled face, oversize ears, love of naps, and penchant for eating everything he can get his grubby little green hands on, so it’s only natural you’d want to represent him in the real world. Your wish is our command: We found all the best Baby Yoda merch on the internet so you can obsess over him some more. Literally everyone loves him, so you can find gifts for every type of person at every age. Happy shopping!

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for your coffee-shop hang

Baby Yoda Beanie

Never thought I’d become a PacSun girl in the year of our Lord Vader 2021, but this beanie is pretty dope????


for when you’re incognito

Star Wars The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Sweatshirt

NBD, but Target sells a hoodie that doubles as a sneaky Baby Yoda costume.  I know this is technically in the boys’ section, but I know multiple adult women who own them so…draw your own conclusions.


for your yoga retreat

The Child Lokai

These bracelets contain one bead filled with mud from the Dead Sea and one bead filled with water from Mount Everest. It’s a little crunchy granola but it’s supposed to balance you—just like the Force, in theory!


for cocktail hour

Star Wars “The Child” Ice Molds, Set of 2

Spruce up your cold brew and/or adult beverages with this fancy Baby Yoda ice mold.


for your home decor

Star Wars The Bounty Collection Series 3 The Child Figure

Why get a normal figurine when you can get this cute milk mustache figurine? (Real ones know it’s *technically* blue milk.)


for game night

Operation Game: Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition Board Game for Kids

OH MY GOD, remember Operation????


for when you need to hide the stuffed animals

Hideaway Hover-Pram Plush

This plush transforms. You could totally disguise it as a throw pillow. I’d never tell. 


for when you need someone to talk to

Talking Plush Toy

Okay but like…this toy makes noise


for storytime

Star Wars: The Mandalorian: A Clan of Two

Got a little one who loves the bébé as much as you? Cut screen time short and read about him instead!


for the memz

Polaroid Now The Mandalorian™ Starter Set

A Polaroid camera? With Baby Yoda on the film? Seriously, what will they think of next?!


for date night

Baby Yoda Earrings

We have no doubt The Child would appreciate the craftsmanship in these super-cute teardrop earrings.


for a huggable companion

Mattel “The Child” Plush Toy

Need a snuggle partner? This plush Baby Yoda is soft and small enough to transport. 


for a lazy weekend

Limited Edition Vintage Retro Sunset Baby Yoda Sweatshirt

Just because we only ever see Baby Yoda in one outfit doesn’t mean he can’t be a fashun icon. After all, he’s the inspiration for this trendy retro sweatshirt.


for finishing your collection

Funko Pop! “The Child” Vinyl Bobblehead

If you (or someone you love) is addicted to collecting Funko Pop! bobbleheads, help is on the way in the form of his precious Baby Yoda edition. 


for an everyday staple

Embroidered Baby Yoda T-shirt

An embroidered (!!!) Baby Yoda! On a T-shirt! 


for dance parties in the shower

Bitty Boomers Baby Yoda Bluetooth Speaker

Crank up the cantina tunes with this adorable Bluetooth speaker shaped like our favorite 50-year-old baby.


for watching new episodes of ‘the mandalorian’

Integrity Bottles Baby Yoda Stemless Wine Glass

We just know Baby Yoda, broth connoisseur, would also appreciate a good vintage. 


for sprucing up your space

Choccy Milk and Chickie Nuggies | Etsy

We can only guess what aliens like Baby Yoda would smell like, but until we find out, there’s this candle to liven up your living room. 


for keeping track of your jams

AirPods Case

Let Baby Yoda keep track of your pesky AirPods with this cute carrying case. 


for staying organized

Baby Yoda Dishwasher Magnet

Anyone who lives with roommates has been through the nightmare of deciphering whether the dishwasher is dirty or clean. Solution: Stick this Baby Yoda magnet on and let it do the figuring for you. 


for a cozy night in

Baby Yoda Socks

The Child will keep your toes nice and dry this winter with these warm socks. 


for warning personal-bubble trespassers

Wear A Mask We Must Unisex Face Mask

Remind your fellow galactic explorers to stay socially distanced during the pandemic with this funny face mask. 


for a VSCO girl look

Baby Yoda Scrunchie Elastic Watch Band

This accessory might look like a scrunchie, but it’s actually an Apple Watch band for your wrist. 


for your best friend’s baby shower

Baby Yoda Footies, Blanket, Bib, and Hat

Give your friend’s tiny tot a sprinkling of Baby Yoda’s adorableness with this infant clothing set. 


for a quick trip to the store

Baby Yoda Face Mask

These masks are as powerful as the Force wielder himself at protecting you from germs. 


for chilly weather

Baby Yoda Grogu Mandalorian Star Wars Sweatshirt Disney Yoda | Etsy

Bundle up and grab a hot cup of tea like bb Yoda in this cozy minimalist fleece sweatshirt this season.


for board-game lovers

The Mandalorian Edition Monopoly Game

Who wouldn’t want to stare at Baby Yoda’s face while playing a four-hour game of Monopoly? Rack up real estate and be tickled pink by his cuteness while doing it.


for your Starbucks order

Baby Yoda Baby Yoda Cup Baby Yoda Grogu Starbucks Cup | Etsy

Environmentally friendly AND absolutely adorable.


for bad hair days

The Child Adjustable Adult Hat

When you run out of dry shampoo and can’t even be bothered, you’re gonna want this on hand.


for the closest thing to a real Baby Yoda

“The Child” Animatronic Edition by Hasbro


for your phone

The Mandalorian PopSockets Grip and Stand

Every time you use your phone (let’s be real, it’s a LOT), you’ll be reminded of that smol green thing.


for a festive party

The Child Holiday Frogs Christmas Sweater

Show up to any holiday party with the best sweater of all time. Seriously, everyone’s gonna love this.


for when you wanna decorate

Baby Yoda Phone Decal

Stick this decal on your phone, laptop, or wherever else you wanna see this cutie.


for a unique accessory

1-Inch Silver Plated Pendant Necklace or Keychain

You can either get this pendant on a necklace or attach it to your keychain to show your adoration for all things Yoda.


for stamping literally every surface

Hand-Carved Rubber Stamp Set

I’m not kidding. Everything is gonna get stamped with this: letters, hands, walls, and all.


for when you need coffee

Geeki Tikis Star Wars Ceramic Cup

Does this count as a mug? I.. don’t know. But I bet your morning cup o’ joe is going to be that much better in it.


for your car

Peeking Baby Yoda Cling

Because you’re not a real fan unless you have this baby creature stuck on your car for the foreseeable future!


for your actual baby

Baby Beanie Hat

Sure, your little one might not have the faintest idea who Baby Yoda is, but they’re sure gonna look as precious as him with these top-knot caps.


for when you’re feeling poetic

“He Protects He Attacks He Also Takes Naps” Racerback Tank

No one loves a good nap as much as he does, TBH.


for extra snuggles

itty bitty® Yoda™ Plush

Alright, I will admit this is KIND OF cute.

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