Arizona Senators Proclaim Support For Airlines Employees Protesting Vaccine Mandate – Arizona Daily Independent

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A group of Arizona senators declared their support for airline employees, who are rejecting the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate. Senators Kelly Townsend, Nancy Barto, and Sonny Borrelli applauded the action of the Southwest Airlines Pilot Association, who filed a motion for injunctive relief in Texas District Court.

“We applaud the pilots, flight attendants and other Southwest Airline employees who remain staunch in their beliefs and refuse vaccination requirements that do not respect their individual freedom to make autonomous medical choices,” stated the trio.

Southwest Airlines and its pilots’ union denied that the reason nearly 2,400 flights were canceled from Saturday through Monday. The company claimed that bad weather and air traffic control issues rather than opposition to the Biden administration’ vaccine mandate were the cause of the near shut down in travel.

Both American and Alaska airlines have also faced opposition from their employees.

“Today we stand in full and strong support of the thousands of Southwest Airline employees who are taking a stand and who refuse to adhere to the egregious and irresponsible vaccine mandate being forced upon them by the Biden Administration and their employer. We firmly believe that nobody should be put in a position where they must make a choice that puts their health and individual rights at risk by subjecting themselves to a potentially dangerous, inadequately researched and questionably effective vaccine in order to preserve their employment status,” said the senators.

“Medical decisions are personal decisions that every individual has a right to determine for themselves and that should not be mandated by the government or an employer,” argued Townsend, Barto and Borrelli. “Treating individuals who are vaccinated in a manner that is different than the treatment of individuals who exercise their medical freedom and choose not to be vaccinated is blatantly discriminatory behavior which no citizen of our country should ever experience.”

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