Traditional skating in Moscow while the Bidens unveil the White House Christmas decorations

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House version of Biden’s $1.75 trillion bill would cancel drilling leases in Arctic Refuge

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Democrats Trash Findings From Biden’s Supreme Court Reform Commission

Biden’s Bank Regulation Nominee Is Facing A ‘Red Scare McCarthyism’ Campaign

Cuffe Biden Owens, President Biden’s nephew, marries former ‘Real Housewives’ star Meghan O’Toole King

Biden’s ‘tough month’ looms over Democratic campaigns in 2021

Biden’s new Arctic Research appointees increase Alaska representation on commission

Biden’s schedule is open this week. Here’s why that’s intentional.

Lauren Boebert Calls For Joe Biden’s ‘Imeachment’

UNGA: Submarine spat with France casts shadow over Biden’s address

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Ducey Vows To Fight Biden’s “Dictatorial” COVID-19 Mandates – Arizona Daily Independent

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Gosar Questions Biden’s Decision To Cancel Crisis Response Bureau Amid Afghanistan Crisis – Arizona Daily Independent

Europe’s leaders vow to help Afghanistan despite Biden’s refusal to delay US pullout

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